Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, October 23

Ok... all kinds of cold.
Lots and lots of cold.
Heck... we have spare cold.
Want some?

~ friday? jeans... nice sweater. :)
~ physio... full round... all the bells and whistles... sigh.
~ mad work zone... covering my work for next weeks absence to DC
~ got to the gym...
~ and got back to trying to press four days in to one...
~ :)
~ home... grab Ed, and go for dualing haircuts. :D
~ home again... dinner.
~ drive Geo back and forth to the AMC theaters...
~ now... it's late and we're all together on the sofa watching tv shows off the pvr. :D
~ that jjnslat finds her way to the center...
~ to tell pasticcio... that I agree... Dana Delaney would be a great you. (she's a great her!!)
~ and that easilydistractd gets over her Hynie Flu!!!

I had a belt.
Black... nice leather.
but I was bigger in the middle and it just didn't seem to fit well.
I was about to hammer a nail into it to make a new hole...
But I decided to buy a new belt.
It as a fun-o-matic "reversable" brown or black belt.
and I hated it.
The new one.
It fit... sort of... for a little while...
but it felt all stiff and ... I just did not like it.
However... I needed it.
I ended up putting a new hole in it... because I was shrinking...
And it still sucked pigs in space...
THEN... then we went to the states, shopping.
I bought another belt.
Again with the fun-o-matic thing...
but it was / is a bit more honking.
Stiff leather again... bigger buckle.
And it fits perfectly.
THEN... I tried the original belt on again.
Gosh it fit perfect too.
So now?
Now... I wear the new belt to work with my nice trousers.
I wear the old, nice leather, black one with jeans.
... and the one I hate?
I still hate it.
I keep it on the middle hook on my "Tie / Belt" rack...
So it can watch the new one and the old one getting used all the time.
And I say mean things to it...
... just to make sure it doesn't forget that ...
I hate that belt.

I have sooooooooo much to do!
It's a little surreal... because Sunday will arrive like it or not.


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