Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, October 20

~ look ma, no stitches.

Yeah... more of that sunshine thing.
Beautiful day.

Fourteen years ago today... everything changed.
Getting into the car with him in a bucket for the first time... mostly terrified.
And learning to do that little receiving blanket baby wrap-up thing.
I have never loved anything as much as I love being a parent.

~ brown argyle sweater... (and it wasn't even wednesday)
~ dark trousers...
~ easy "shirt off" clothes for the early visit to physio
~ physio. wicked today.
~ trip to the clinic... get the stitches out...
~ busy day with a gym visit at lunch (still honestly enjoying every second of the work outs)
~ stop at Future Shop on the way home to pick up Geo's new computer (birthday prezzi).
~ home to pick up the family and head out to Mongolian Grill for dinner. Happy Birthday to you...
~ home again to play with Geo and his new pc (a good enough, tons better than his older one)
~ to smile at nontradstudent... because she's so darn cute...
~ to point at lisabella and snicker at the scratch...
~ and to totally laugh at misskris with her little hedgehog baby... lol. (very cute)

Look... you have to have heard news about the "run off election" requirement in Afghanistan.
Breaking down the many complex issues... the real heart of the problem for people like citizens of Canada or, of course, the US:
We don't want out troops to be propping up an acknowledged illegitimate government...
And the whole thing... viewed from this very important perspective... just stinks to high heaven.
In the best of circumstances, whatever government is formed from this pathetic excuse for an election,
will only be the government of the small territory surrounding the capital and directly in front of the barrels of the foreign guns wandering though "taliban country".
The rest of this GIANT COUNTRY ... is ruled, uncontested by local warlords... who will make deals with Taliban forces just as quick as they will with our troops.
And consider... we're there building schools and infrastructure in small communities... to win their support.
And when we leave... even for a minute... the Taliban comes back and says "hey, nice school... you dogs... " (smash, crash, boom - school is rubble)
No... seriously.

I'm guessing most folks know about physio theropy...
But for those few that don't...
My physio for the shoulder injury (rotator cuff ... one of the muscles in that group)
... while I wait for an imaging appointment to find out if it's actually torn and detached,
includes massage, accupuncture, ultrasound and electro stim.
The massage is at the end of the other treatments... and is basically this guy leaning into a hard press into my shoulder, pumping... hurts but it's a hurts-so-good thing.
Accupuncture will be three or four needles, opened from a sterile, sealed blister pack, and stabbed in at magical points around my shoulder ... essentially what it's doing is stimulating very specific spots on specific muscles... the needle deal gets way more complicated but when you image what my problem is... a tiny little muscle surrounded by big honking muscles (er, so to speak) that has twisted and ripped a little (hopefully, only a little). It needs to be stimulated and relaxed to "work it".
Then the ultrasound is different than the sort you use to see a baby in the baby-maker. It's a high freq sound thing that is "shot into you" from a wand that the therapist moves around on some gell in constant movements. Holding it still... would generate pain inside a muscle.
And then the electical thing. Gell and a couple of electrodes attached in specific locations that relate the begining and end of a muscle. Then the device sends a measured current for measured intervals. Mine was 15 seconds on, 15 off... and wicked!!!! Each 15 second stim... would tense up the rotator cuff muscles, my shoulder would actually move foreward, and then it would feel like it's about to "pop" (in an imagined "good way")... it never does... pop... it just feels wicked. Sort of painful, but more weird than hurt.
All of that is followed by a series of exercises ... there are very few (tiny movement) exercises that target these specific muscles.

Recently said, as Geo basked in the glory of his new computer...
"George... your mom and I are very proud of you. We continue to
appreciate that you talk with us openly and honestly.
You've taken on all kinds of responsibilities around the house,
You've been putting good time into babysitting, helping me with projects,
doing chores, getting your homework done and helping with meal time.
There are rewards in our family for being this kind of family-member.
You don't ask for much... so we kinda guess this would be a good idea.
Happy Birthday George. :)

~ K... I gotta git. :D
see ya soon.

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