Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, October 19

Tomorrow is Geo's birthday. :)
(that's him... strangly, all of a sudden not minding being in the picture. :D)

Totally gorgeous day ... at least... over the lunch hour when I actually saw the outdoors.

~ had my monday thing on today...
~ beige trousers, light shirt and tie.
~ but it's like... 9:30 as I type... I'm long since in pj pants and a tee. :)
~ a good day... lots to do at work and lots is gett'en done. :D
~ gymn at lunch... just wearing bandaids on the stitches and I'm going to get 'em out in the morning.
~ bought the tarp for the ramps ... new tarp... big ass thing... :D
~ getting ready to bail on writing this and go do the bedtime reading thing with Ed. (brb)
~ that pasticcio ... adjusts.
~ ack... that mellusions... gets the moths out!!
~ and that kendokamel has a great time at the giant Ass Conference. Do remember to take pictures.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday nosneros_h... May the year ahead keep you and your lovely family safe, and load you up with reasons to smile. :)
And a very happy birthday to kitiara... aka Suzanne 'PepperSpray' Anderson... May you find sweet relief for what slows you down and ... find your way home safe and sound after every shift.

Geeky help
So I'm helping a friend out with setting up a static web page for his business.
I'm really liking this "image roll" flash thing ... but I made it with "shareware" that loads up the companies brand on-screen.
Clearly, I could just fork over fifty bucks and get rid of that logo...
But I was thinking maybe one of you guys ... either knows an easy way to do this without this shareware...
Or you have a licensed copy of Aleo Flash Slideshow Creator.
[ :: This is the page in a very early stage, but with the image roller on it :: ]
Any one know how to do this?

Battlestar Galactica... The Plan.
It's waiting for me on my computer. :D :D

~ k... see ya. :)

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