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Survivor XIX Update!!!

Survivor XIX: S’Moa

And Then It Rained...

Where in... the kids at camp happy Galu and team loser Foa are all getting wet, staying wet, and freezing their collective asses off. Oh and Dom Jeff feeds ‘em gross-out smoothies and we see Liz pulling on a nut sack!

Survivor 19... in 415 words...
(aka "The show in as few words as possible")
With Chickens (albeit one living in a nearby tree), blankets, gear and Shambo to slave for them, you’d think Camp Happy Galu would be a buzz of fun and games... but the yoga has vanished and been replaced by bikini chicks dissing Shampoo er, ‘boo. We get views of the ocean from both camps, as the waves begin to give a hint about impending weather. Jeff pulls them to a Reward Game offering a big ass bbq of steak, etc. for the team that gets through his gross-out-smoothie game. Just Totally Disgusting! (things like raw sea urchins in a blender with milk...). It’s neck and neck, till Ashley’s neck starts to push some mind numbingly gross liquid back up. She hands it to Galu and effectively puts her name in the hat. Part of winning is sending a team mate to "spy" and Predator, aka Black Russel, sends Sham – again – to her significant displeasure. She gets group hug action in camp Foa and shares another clue that seals the deal of folks knowing the so-called hidden Idol is long since found. Liz thinks Bad Buddha has it and stupidly confronts him – with expected results. Meanwhile, back at camp happy, they are struggling to light a fire. Why? Because Dave has gone highly retarded on his tribe mates. We suffer with Nathalies weird voice and finally Dave concedes to start a fire for the assembled idiots. Then the rain starts. And it just freaking pours... relentlessly... for days. Hahahahahahaahaha! Immunity is a game of toss-the-cocoanut-to-a-net thing. The net is being "held" by a team member and that net gets heavey. Liz rocks this ... but Foa can’t sink baskets for shit, so they lose, again. Oh, and Jeff tries to stir up shit about the gangs lack of a welcome for returning Shambo and he gets shut down with "It’s a game, we’re wet, it’s nothing personal." (or something like that) Anyways, Foa Foa can’t play their strategize game... because their all stuck in the shelter with pounding rain. Bad Buddha is wwwwway not happy about this. They go to see Jeff, and enjoy the roof over their heads while they chuck Ashley back to the production camp, with showers, beds and buffets. LOL. Best part of the show was the preview for next week with a teaser about someone "going down" and from a quick analysis of who they were showing during the clip, I’m guessing it was Shambo. Blindfold game... I bet she knocked herself out. :D

Most Memorable Moment
I have to go with the look on Shams face when Predator Dude tells her she’s going to Camp Loser.

The winner...
Yeah, still no clue. There’s still people I don’t even recognize...

The Pitt
(aka "Tribal Council")
It was a sorry group of wet survivors that showed up at Jeff’s Pitt. As always, he seems to want to stir things up but besides Jasooon generally whining all the time, they didn’t have any trouble voting Ashley off. They missed out on steak... and they get to blame her. :D

Two Things...
~ kinda lost track last week... no update
~ That Dave dude is just creeping me the heck out!!!!

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