Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Z just read me this joke.... I'm including it here to entertain Billyjean 'cause she need distraction from that dam eye!

Man: Excuse me, do you want to dance?
Woman: NO!
Man: I'm sorry, you must have misunderstood me, I said "your ass looks fat in those pants".

Ok, so like 15 seconds after I found out I was gonna be going to Boston the sun came out and it became beautiful in downtown Ottawa. I enjoyed my ride home, reading my friends and typing in that story about Amsterdam...

When I get home I tell Z about Boston and then get dinner going.. Wednesday = spaghetti night.

After dinner, Z wants to work on the second coat of paint in the kitchen (it looks fantastic btw) so I took the boiz grocery shopp'en. Massive list and I get to the end of loading scanned and bagged groceries back into the cart for the trek out to the car and i realize I forgot my phuquing bank card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! phuquettiphuquettiphuque! (as Kath would say).

So the 'suspend' my bill, and I get the guys and go home to get my card... back to pay and get the heck outta there and over to the fancy spancy coffee shop to buy a pound of the good stuff!!! (The adult version of going out buy drugs... buying expensive coffee...) Geo is being horrible in the car so I count... 1, he keeps it up... 2, he's still at it... 3 STOP the car... pull over. PARK, get him out and walk him to the curb to sit there alone ("do not move from that spot") and go back to the car and sit with Ed for 5 minutes (felt like 6 hours). Then get him back in the car and go home...

Then it's packing away all that crap (well, $189 worth of groceries... I guess it wasn't all crap :D)

Oh... listen the colon-capital D thing I always type... it's supposed to be a big smiley face emoticon... sorry if I use it too much.. well, actually no, I'm not sorry... it's just another one of my addictions... like my addiction to the ellipse... (the three dot thing).

Any ways, it's kiddy play time, then bed time (baths were before dinner tonight... thank you Z)...

And here I sit waiting to go watch the tape of the West Wing,,,

ps. Have I told you i love you guys lately? I really do... you're so supportive and always full of nice stuff to say... any ways... just a little mush coming on. Think I'll go get some drugs.. I mean coffee.

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