Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, October 15

This is either my wannabe realestate agent photo... or, as some folks like to say, my "creepy old guy" look.

Today was nice. Cold as all get out, but nice.
I had four significant blocks of work to do today and all I pretty much did was sit down and start plugging away.
I know i drove to starbucks at one point...
but 4:00 came along and everything was done. :)
So I left with a self satisfied grin. (hence the creep old guy photo)

~ I like that sorta purple shirt... :)
~ three reports, meeting minutes and a set of presentation-revisions... and presto... day-is-done!
~ wanted to watch survivor... but it's getting late. The evening vanished in a puff of chores... most of which had to do with food.
~ for a little something good to sneak into uawildcatgrl's day...
~ to send some love to suburbiadaze
~ and to take a moment to hold ayoub's hand while he waits...

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to my long lost Amy... a little jaggedpill that - I think - is still teaching little people to cook. May there be brilliant moments on every horizon.

Dr.oz was cool beans when he got his first little oprah leg-ups.
but now... he's getting creepy.

If ever it came to pass that I could no longer be sarcastic or irreverent on the inter-weebs...
I'd sign off forever.

hehe... the concrete footings I put in last weekend are all cured and perfect. :D (Well, I assume all is perfect... the cement is solid. :D)
So with a little good weather this weekend, we'll be able to put the other two in!!!

... k... nighti night. :)

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