Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, October 14

Cold. I don't remember rain... I remember cold.
But I spent very little of my day in any way aware of my surroundings. :)

~ dude... It's Wednesday...
~ argyle day. :)
~ ah wednesday... sigh
~ zooom to work a little behind sched... and arrive to walk directly into a boardroom for a meeting that used up most of the morning...
~ a little desk stuff... then to the gym... without a bag-and-elastic to make my shower easier... fortunately I ddin't get my paw wet. :)
~ the afternoon was a blurr of coffee, and prepping for presentations yet to come... le sigh. :)
~ zoooooom downtown right after work for a "Galactic Core Overlord Meeting"... in a bigass ball room with a really nice dinner ... that didn't start till the speechy'ness ended.
~ then home by 9:00. NINE. Long day. :)
~ to send dana7880 massive high fives... or at least virtual high fives (VH5!) for the 22.1 Go you!
~ and good luck to zaxwrit on friday... Will you take pictures?

yeah... I think the LGBTQ monicer is stupid. Especially "Questioning"??? seriously... this needs inclusiveness and special social and supportive consideration?
get the fuck out of town.

If a persons dog attacks someone...
Regardless of what local laws say should happen to the dog...
The dog owner should be completely responsible.
To the extent that he or she would, could... SHOULD be charged with assault and jailed if convicted.
People have got to take responsibility for their dumbass dogs.
The dogs did not get like that by themselves... it's their owners fault.
And if anyone dares say "it's the dogs nature"... well that just opens up a whole can of wtf!!!
All of it... gives good dogs and good dog owners a bad name.

Look, you're a good person.
You're kind... a bit googy, pretty and you're nice to me.
Of course it's easy to love you.
It's a friendly kind of non-creepy love... but love nevertheless.
So you can tuck that away and when the need it...
It'll be there...

~ k... gotta go. :)
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