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Survivor XIX Update!!

Survivor XIX: S’Moa

Ahhhh Racist!! Racist!!

Where in... the Bad Buddha continues to weave his web of evilness, Ben is still on with the lizard popsicles and Jeff puts them in swim suits then sends them into the water to kick the crap out of each other. Fun times... Oh and we get some wannabe racism too.

Survivor 19... in 204 words...
(aka "The show in as few words as possible")
Little Bunny Foa Foa is full of folks that just do not like Ben. Bad Buddha, however, wants to keep him and Ben? He wants to shove sticks down lizards throats. Life at Galu is all zen, music, coral singers and yoga class. Tree mail was a bag of bikinis and next thing you know, they’re all arranged on a beach, trying to run through a two-person gauntlet (aka Brawl) in a round robin of bids to land a comfort-gear reward, immunity and the “sending one member to spy” thing. Of course, Team Quaaludes wins and they send Shambo to LBFF to spy. So she teaches them how to make puffy torches. “Comfort” is blankets and pillows, so we get a brief lesbonical moment with the tree nymphs. Meanwhile Jasooon gets all stupid. He is offended by Ben calling Jasmine out as “ghetto trash”. I’m offended that he didn’t also call her a skanky hoe bag. Apparently “ghetto” equals “black” to Jasooon and “trash” also equals “black” to Jasooon. Seems, Jasooon see’s black a lot. Evil Stewie, er, Bad Buddha, er, RUSSLE, is unable to thwart the Ben effect and is unable to keep the other kids from hate’en on the Ben. Ben goes.

Most Memorable Moment
When my wife said “Hey, Russel looks like an evil Stewie”, although Shambo getting agog as the rest of team happy (Galu) engages in a morning Yoga ritual.

The winner...
I have no freak’en idea. Who do you like for the gold?

The Pitt
(aka "Tribal Council")
As much as Ben is a total dick, Jasooon is just a seriously entitled black man. He does his own manipulation of the players and boom Ben is gone.

Two Things...
~ I can’t decide if I like Shambo. In fact, I’m thinking now, as I type, that I don’t like her. She’s going to end up as canon fodder.
~ I do NOT like Jasooon.

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