Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, October 7

~ I am bursting with f'n manly gorgousness... :)

Rain... still rain.
But I hardly noticed.
Today was streaking by at a hundred miles an hour...
A big blur :)

~ k, so I wore my new pale purple shirt and the new dark purple tie...
~ dark trousers, a smile and my blue blazer.
~ That is italics 'cuz I just freak'en boggle at the word "blazer"... it is absolutely ridiculous.
~ and... as I've said before... I only ever wear a blazer so I can take-it-off at the beginning of a presentation. (aka audience manipulation)
~ wicked wicked day. sigh...
~ up and at'em, boys off the school and zoom to work...
~ kick off the weekly "wednesday morning meeting" and hand it off at 9:15...
~ zoom downtown, find parking and get into the Weston hotel conference center.
~ huge deal "Government high tech show"... that is totally goofy... I'm a bit of a cynic about non "Fun based" tech shows.
~ and I was doing a "show and tell" with boss-man at work for a room full of government tech directors...
~ when that ended... back to the client office and finish another day of trying to sort out challenges there.
~ gah!
~ to say... if you don't know lisabella... well, maybe you should. :)
~ for anfractuousity.... to get some rest... and not to stress about the 365. :D
~ and that moowazz enjoys her cross border adventure.

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to Carrie... (indigobluejelly). May there be all kinds of excuses to dress like a pirate... and failing that... dress like a snowboarder (and board!!!).
And happy birthday to pinkrose70... may the sweetest things... find their way to you. :) They'll be in good company.

(pssst... macdatty... the birthday wish was s'posed to say: "I hope the great happiness you have worked so hard to get your hands on... rewards you well.")

There is this notion that the changing "digital" world has lost the ability to forget...
Our every digital step stored and cached forever, ready to surprise us at inopportune times for the rest of time...
In days gone by... things could be forgotten... lost to the next person that wants to learn about you.
But today... well, no more hiding your past.
The big-head I was listening to talk about this... was praying for a day when we would adapt our digital world to start forgetting again.
(Good example of this... Google used to save - forever - your every search, and click selection. They recently changed their policy to nine months... every google selection you make, they remember for nine months. So from "Forever" to "nine months" is this "learning to forget again".)
However... while I don't begrudge good decisions like google deciding to forget... I also think the real solution cannot be expected to come from the geek zone...
but rather from the meat zone.
Every time we have expected or hoped to squeeze progress and technology into a path of our choosing...
We have been disappointed.
Because a) Chaos is god and b) how can you expect to know what turning the next corner will reveal??????
The answer has to come from us.
We ... the people... our culture... or organizations, businesses and governments... have got to learn to make better decisions.
A google search result is an inappropriate method of learning about the person sitting in front of you.
You are not your facebook... especially not your two year old facebook... and neither is the guy that gave you his number.
You are not the thirty year old police records describing your miss spent youth.
You are you.

smile... somebody loves you. :)

~ see ya.

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