Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, October 6

K... rain a lot and then ... magically clear... and then back to rain.

Can I just say... I loved the book "The Time Travelers Wife"... I mean, I really seriously loved that book.
While I was reading it... years ago... I could totally imagine the book becoming a movie.
And then they made it.
So suz and I saw it last night.
... and I freak'en loved it. :D
oh, and once again, Rachel McAdams makes me love her...

~ dark trousers, blue shirt and a sweater...
~ but that was ages ago... totally pj pants and new-fav-lazy-shirt. (Very soft cotton... is good!)
~ work is all mental right now. Lots going on... and getting psyched for the show tomorrow.
~ quick groceries on the way home and a simple dinner from the bbq. (still on the 10 year old bbq...)
~ and it's all about relaxing tonight. :D
~ to send some warmth to dinkydo... just 'cuz.
~ to offer some hope to tonya's aunt...
~ and that lisabella enjoys her mad lesbian experience with mrs nature... ;)

whinee moment...
my shoulder is still death.
rotator cuff ... one of those muscles is twisted.
I go to a doc on thurs morning to get a "script" for seeing a physio...
And I already have an appoint. with the deep-tissue therapist (read: Squeezer!) on Friday.
It's weird... arm is totally fine for about 90% of the range of motion... but straight out to the side... and try to "twist" the arm... freaking agony.

We're doing a 'combined families Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday... here.
Dude... it's going to be a busy saturday.


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