Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, October 4

So I finally got the hydraulic auger thing going this weekend.
My front door neighbor loaned me their trailer-hitch enabled truck... to go get the auger...
And another neighbor loaned me their truck to return it.
Nice neighbors. No wonder I'm baking all these guys Kifli at christmas ever year... :D

Absolute miracle with the weather.
Every report called for two days of rain...
and it never rained for a second while we were working with the big-ass-hole-digger.
(which btw, is great if the ground is soil... but a jumble of rocks and fill for three feet, before hard core clay... is another story.)

Geo put in many hours of labour with me...
But we got our holes all dug and next stop is concrete and giant tubes. :D

~ now? Pj pants and a tee. :)
~ oh man... another long day!
~ up at 9... in the yard by 10...
~ finished auger land by 12:00
~ cleaned and returned auger...
~ got bbq!!
~ changed drier vent-hose
~ made nice chicken dinner
~ and then got to work on "work stuff" that needed doing this weekend.
~ Just finished that a bit ago... Was reading to Ed at bed at some point... :)
~ now?
~ now it's a breve latte, my laptop, and in a moment... Amazing Race. :)
~ that symph gets control, reaches her goals, and learns to love the word "moderation",
~ that sirenity keeps on sharing...
~ and that doowat gets around to sharing pics of her new little friend... :D

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday demyankee... I hope all is well and the year ahead holds bright promise. :)

Dig dig... auger day.



So I go to Home Depot...
Check bbq prices... end of summer deals.. etc.
They are sweeet grills... but their freaking huge... and $$$$
So I go to Wally-Land.
Ooo... some end of season prices
499... marked down to 299.
And a natural gas grill!
When we borrowed a truck to return the auger...
We stopped at Wally's to see if it was still there.
Presto!! Marked down again to... 99.00.

~ of course, now we have to put it together. :D

Totally totally dig the Flashforeward tv thing.

~ :) ... kseeya.

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