Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, October 1



Yes... yes I am a drama queen.
this is absolutely not news. :D
however I am a tormented drama queen,
and that's an important distinction. :)

~ jeans, white golf shirt and a nice sweater. :)
~ ug... long day chasing solutions to things at work...
~ gym at lunch... long afternoon... sigh.
~ very slow pace evening... I finished the "slide show" we're using at the trade show last night... so after two nights of that, tonight is all about slowing down. :)
~ oh... and Survivor!! :D
~ I could send some magic off to uawildcatgrl... something warm that would make things feel better for a little while. :)
~ to agree with sassy_red_head geese can indeed be mean. They are also messy and stupid.
~ that murphy59 learns to pluck... :)
~ and that it would warm the hell up!!!

Birthday moments...
Happy slightly late birthday symph... (yesterday). I hope you find some unexpected and wonderfully rewarding doors opening for you this year. :)
And for today... A very happy birthday to my own personal misha... (willedit). May there be health and happiness in the days of your story. (oh my gosh he's so big!!!)
and macdatty. Happy birthday my little sugar. I hope the great happiness you have worked so hard to get your hands on... rewards you well.

And another one bites the dust... Antigonish Catholic Cardinal nailed with kiddy porn at the border... he's formally charged, he drops his cloth, and he's out on bail.
The first news report said (and I quote!) "He was charged with possessing and selling child pornography."
Second news report says "He was charged with possessing and distributing child pornography."
Third news report says "He was charged with possessing child pornography."
Final news report says "Canadian Border Security reported he had some "images of some interest" on his computer so they confiscated it and have now charged him with importing child pornography."

I stopped on the way home from work to pick up this model paint (raptor paint) and some primer.
Edward is on a journey of discovery with his lego sets.
He flippen lives for his Star Wars lego sets.

He's seen some youtube stuff on lego guys custom painted and looking cool.
So... he's all about trying to play.
I'll be sure to get pics. :D

Yeah... Just watched Doctor Oz show with some doc shoving a pin-camera up this womans nose.
Very cool... except idiot boy standing in front of the screen.
... and then the plug for the neti pot. Gotsta gotsta LOVE the neti pot.

See ya. :D

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