Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, September 28

~ geo memorizing the periodic table (well... the top half) in the background. :D

Oh look...
Lots and lots of rain. :)
I walked through it several times.

Hey I bought a "short" (read: small) starbucks "Spice Pumpkin Latte" (no whip - say that like Stewie).
It was good for the first sip. Second sip? Nope... gave it to a coworker. Not buying that again.

~ monday's best... I got two new shirts on friday... and a new tie.
~ so I wore the new tie and one of the shirts... and totally forgot to snap a pic in all this gorgeous stuff.. :D lol.
~ work work work...
~ gym...
~ work work work... so many goofy things happening at work... I'm chasing tiger tails trying to tie them together and really only managing to get little tufts of orange and black fur.
~ sigh...
~ awesome dinner!!!! see below. :D
~ to send a few unglooming hugs to laperleprofonde,
~ that I get more ldy randomeness...
~ and that wittleangel

So... I'm digging the frozen "portioned" fish from cost-co.
Nothing beats fresh rainbow trout, but hey... the frozen portions of trout, salmon, talapia... good too!
And I pulled four talapia portions out, tossed 'em in the sink with some water... they thaw in about 15 minutes.
In a fry pan, melt some butter and simmer a half onion and a stalk of celery well chopped... and this is one of those times you really ought to add salt... a bit of salt... :D
Add a half a tomatoe all chopped up too... after the onion is cooked soft...
Simmer... and when it's nice and hot...
Turn off the heat... add a tablespoon of oyster sauce, a tablespoon of spicy peanut sauce, and a few smushed garlic cloves.
Mix mix mix...
Then I lay the thawed talapia on top of this "mash" and put a lid over it.
Turn on the heat again... medium... simmers for five minutes...
The "mash" boils up and cooks a great flavour into the fish...
Don't flip or stirr or anything...
Lift pieces of fish out, getting all the mash under it and lay it on the plate...

Tis the season of an embarrassing gluttony of television.

~ :)

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