Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, September 27

So Saturday was a total house cleaning day.
We're talking baseboards and all.
Started early... so Geo and I ended up in the garage working on the half pipe ramps in the afternoon.
Today was the last "nice day" for a while... lots of rain and cold in the forecast! :(

My shoulder is getting lots better... but it will be a while before this stops being an issue.
and... there's this sorta sore spot on the left side of my throat... hurts a bit when I swallow.
I fight this with lots of fruit, water, gargling with salt, cold-fx...
but I need to get extra sleep to make sure I don't go full-on sick!!! :( grrr!

Today... this very nice young woman arrived at our house at 10:00 am.
She brought a few small bags of gear... and set up shop.
She's a hair stylist at this local spa... and she does 'home visit" work too.
Suz's friend came over and they both had a whole do... highlights for suz, partial colours for the friend... cuts and styles... for a whole flipp'en lot less than she'd have to charge at the spa.!
Oh, and she cut Ed's hair too.
Kinda cool. :)

~ skinny jeans...
~ ae rugby shirt...
~ a self satisfied grin...
~ a sunday ... just, a nice sunday.
~ some errands... hunting for good model paint for Ed to use in a "lego painting" gig... or "custom figs" (goodle that or better yet, youtube)
~ dumpster diving in the construction zone and snagging a 1 ft wide, 8 ft long plywood plank... (the "top" of the new ramp... the other side of the half pipe)
~ making this awesome butternut squash soup to have with dinner. (sooo good).
~ hoping to watch Amazing Race later...
~ to extend a little love to pasticcio... a shoulder and an arm.
~ for happy shaving in the house of debby ... lol. :)
~ and to tell easilydistractd that it's lovely! :)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday aireal... I hope you're having fun at FB... and truly... I hope all is well and that they year ahead treats you with care.
And a happy birthday to bourbonstreet, not that that user exists... but hey... Happy birthday Sue. :D

So this little fella showed up all covered in mud on our laneway... almost got squished! ;)
It's a Blandings...

Now... click the penny to put it in perspective!!!

We put it in a mini terrarium to stare at it and enjoy it...
We considered keeping the little guy...
Then we went to the local fishy pet store to talk turkey about turtles.
We came home and set him free. No flipping way are we keeping a turtle.

We get beautiful colours out our bedroom window.
Here's a BIG image file... my new desktop.
[ :: click me :: ]
~ but those are just the early colours... :)

K... see ya.

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