Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, September 25

Hi. :)

Nice day... nice weather but boy oh boy does it ever get cold the second the sun gets tired of being wonderful.
A long day, but it ended with a zoom over the Carp Fair (agricultural exhibition with a fair-grounds aka: rides)
The kids schools are considered "rural" and we all live near the small town of Carp...
Those schools do not even pretend to be able to fight the pull of the fair.
The high school suspends all classes and offers supervised study sessions all day and we get a note to sign allowing Geo to bail on the day.
The public school (JK-8) takes the juniors to the fair and lets the "intermediates (6,7,8)" are allowed to bail.
I dropped Geo and his friend off at 8:00AM!!!!!!!!. LOL
Suz took Ed for parts of the day and we went after work and ended with bringing Geo home too.
Now it's now. :)

~ well... I wore nice jeans, white izod and the nice argyle sweater...
~ but this turned into skinny jeans and warm stuff ...
~ [ :: a cheeky picture for a friday :: ]
~ Drive Geo to the fair...
~ work work work...
~ eye doc appoint at 11:00...
~ downtown appt at 1:00...
~ busy at work after all that... sigh.
~ then the fair...
~ now relaxing. :)
~ soon to be writing a survivor thing...
~ that balljar's little swingers... had fun.
~ that innerly... enjoys her night...
~ and for giabean to feel a little of that lj love... just 'cuz. :)

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to a sweet sweet girl... my friend mspish. May this year find surprising ways to make you happy and satisfied.... :)

Burger King: Gross Revenue - 2.5 Billion
McDonalds: Gross Revenue - 23.5 Billion.

just... wow.

So I take my iphone into the can with me to play pinball
twitter, facebook, email, or what-the-heck-ever... while I do my business.
Zee has taken to calling it my fecal-phone.

~ :)

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