Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, September 24

~ move head when picture is taken...

Hey it's a beautiful day.
It's s'posed to rain this weekend... but ... generally fall weather is really holding back.
It's get wicked cold at night... but the days remain warm and lovely.
More skate parks before the snow flies. :D :D :D

Dear Everyone Who Reads This That Knows Me In Real Life:
It's all lies.
Don't believe a word.

~ a nice red shirt that I haven't worn before... but... I got a nice compliment on ... so maybe I'll wear it again. :D
~ jeans!!!
~ eh. Rolling through the day wishing I was either in bed, or sleeping on a sofa...yeah, feeling a bit dragged out today.
~ gym!!
~ Survivor tonight. :)
~ I could work on a document at my desk without becoming increasingly sleepy... to the point where I have to get up and walk about or risk falling asleep. (and don't give me any of that "get more sleep" advice... I give it to myself all the time... er... the advice... not, unfortunately, the sleep.
~ to send a smile out to a new friend, anfractuousity...
~ for suburbiadaze ... to get the strength...
~ and... that I could squeeze me some chandrielle

I am soooooooooo (imagine a few lines of "o"s here) tempted to go FO on the daily posts and get all bitchy ...
but, honestly, I've found... in the many years of blogging, let alone reading other peoples blogs...
that the pathway you carve by blogging bitch'ily... just leads to general bitchyness.
Speak truth.
It sets you free.
But if all your truth is negative nelly punk ass bitch stuff...
You just end up free and unhappy.
Speak truth,
and try to blog happy when you can...
It's way more fun. :)

I started blogging when I started working in the private sector.
I left my federal job in November of ? 1998 (I think).
My first Lj post was in 2000, but I was on a few "Forums" before that.
Heck, I met folks on those forums that carried over as my first friends in LJ.
I am user number 6795.
I don't know how many LJ users there are now... but it's a shit load more than 7000.
Since then I have made 70,260 comments... received 118,000 comments and made over 12,000 posts.
574 people have friended my journal... I think about 400 of those are active journals, and maybe 100 of them actual communicate with me.
I only mention that ... because it's fun. :)

~ k... see ya later sk8ers.
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