Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, September 23

~ raawwwrrrrrrr!

walked through significant amounts of rain today...
no unki-brella
no jacket...
thank freaking god for quick dry fabrics. :)

~ started in a nice shirt and tie...
~ was elevin billion degrees... so I tossed the shirt and dumbed it down a nice short sleeve. :) no tie.
~ wicked day...
~ the regular morning meeting... had to be handed off to a team mate...
~ long morning show-and-tell with a many people in chairs around a board table.
~ gym... then a meeting with boss from the galactic core... planning a presentation to give at a trade show in early Oct...
~ back to work with lots to do and hardly enough time... work is all about blinking and realizing the day is gone.
~ rain... so no droping... but dude... it's getting very comfortable... (don't be fooled... still scares me.. .but ...) :D
~ to give the big VH5 to cerulean_me!!!
~ for crushdmb to catch a break...
~ that hisbeauty ... just feels way better.
~ and, yet again, to make sure the entire universe knows that I think lianna... is the cat's pajamas.

Those commercials for "Lattice" (the eyelash lengthening stuff)?
No, seriously!!!! WTMFH?

Red Foreman: "You're never too old to burn to death in a fire."

~ and it finally dawns on you that some guys actually live and die over the love of a great ass.

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