Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, September 22

so the rains came...
but then they went away.
This, of course, is absolutely not what the rains have been doing down south... say, Georgia south...
May the floating peach not become your new state symbol... please be safe my many many southern friends.

~ jeans and mr argyle which got to be too hot because it was a really nice day, after all... :)
~ hello Tuesday... day one of trying to sort out how things are going to change in client land, post re-org!
~ gym at like 1... because I blinked at 9:30 and BOOM. It was 1... seriously I was somewhat peeved at the vanishing hour thing.
~ working on the rotator cuff (??) muscle group in my right shoulder... scary pain man but it feels remarkably better after a lot of light reps... the first one is evil...
~ zoom to Ed's school (big giant renovation that's been going on for the last two years... was finished for this school year. :D) for meet-the-teacher BBQ... but we're just not doing those "community bbq" things any more. so... we ordered a pizza to take home and watch Heroes with...
~ a couple of drop-ins after dinner...
~ and then the evening rituals of cleaning the kitchen, making lunches, reading to Ed...
~ followed by relaxing... lots of relaxing. :D
~ to send a big ol'smile... ear to ear... out to macdatty...
~ for arlyn ... to catch a break here... to maybe get a few extra spoons.
~ and that suburbiadaze gets things sorted out... and manages to drop the guilt.

So we started Mad Men... season one.
Three episodes in.
So far?
Sure... great acting.
But fricking depressing dude.????
We'll keep going... but I am not a fan of feeling like crap after "entertainment".
So it better get better. :)

k... gotta go. :D
see ya.
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