Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, September 18

Kind of a cold day today... but I wasn't really paying attention.
Mostly I was zooming along with my head space navigating about 20 minutes ahead of the rest of me.

It's been pretty cold in the mornings... but tomorrow is s'posed to be really nice, so Geo and I are planning on the skate park in the AM... :)

~ bullhead slim jeans. freaking love these jeans. (it's all about the fit)
~ argyle sweater over a white golf shirt.
~ but that was the work day... I'm in crappy jeans and an aging bermuda tee now...
~ to be in awe of the notion that it's actually Friday already. !!! gah!
~ get an amazing amount of crap done at work... and still manage to get to the gym and drive downtown to the galactic core offices... picking up Hockey tickets... Sens v Canadians (tomorrow night)
~ make some rainbow trout at dinner and work on the ramps with Geo for dessert. :D
~ that meave remembers how to use a cut tag soon. :D
~ to congratulate mylifeasamom on her awesomness...
~ and for pasticcio to find that day-in-pj's soon. :D

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to n5iln... (who has, apparently, been absorbed by the tweety-dark-side). :D May all your hopes become memories.

And some early birthday wishes for tomorrow...
Happy early birthday Lori... (perfection1144 I hope you have a lovely party tomorrow and that the year ahead finds you safe... and wrapped up in happy.
And to James!! (jgurney) a very happy early birthday wish to you. May good health and great happiness keep you and your family in close company this year.
... and to the_jug... my twittering friend... Happy early birthday. May your many travels be safe, and all your homecomings happy.

Do you see "magic eye" pictures?
I see them, almost instantly.
This drives me bonkers, because I cannot explain how to do it and the rest of my little family...
is "magic eye" challenged. :)

Geo I did some "assembly" tonight after dinner. :)
(click this)

ps. About Big Brothers finale...
That was just about the best ending of a Big Brother season... ever.
Koodos to CBS for actually having a season that didn't suck!

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