Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
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Survivor XIX: Pre-Show!!

Survivor XIX: S’Moa

Dom Jeff Wants Them Angry

Survivor 19
[ :: Click Here to see MAPS of this Survivor Season :: ]
Ok… Round Nineteen.
Can Dom Jeff pull off another season without killing any of the assembled cast members?
Tonight is the first episode.
… and here are my first impressions of the campers based on their Survivor Bio’s.

Ash: 22, a hoe and a princess.
Ben: 28, Marlborow Man gay.
Betsy: COP. 48, but that hardly matters.
Brett: 23 and Threadless.
Dave: 38 eats babies… careful.
Elizabeth: 33 Korean American Attourny: AKA cannon fodder.
Erik: 28, closet raging homosexual
Jaison: 28, Elizabeth’s bitch
Kelly: 25, hoe, but the adorable little one… that sneaks up on ya.

Laura: 39, religious cannon fodder
Marisa: 26, hottie, and will win.
Mick: 33, shaves his chest Doctor.
Mike: 200, giant head. (and can cook!)
Monica: 25, little entitlement issues hoe
Natalie: 26, going to use her background in pharmaceutical sales in the game!!!!! ?
Russell 1: 36, giant penis
Russell 2: 42, giant black penis
Shannon: 45, big 1985 hair and a marine. Be afraid.
Yasmin: 33, another hair stylist, and possibly a contender!!

See ya soon. :)
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