Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, September 16

Nice day. Started in sunshine... got cloudy. eh.
It appears that I have got myself another hernia.
an "inguinal" hernia.
I've had two... one on each side...
and I think this is a re-injury of the second one.
It was always wonky after the fix.
Now it's like I've got this soft, smooshy mars bar hidden under the skin on my abdomen.
It's not acute yet.
So I'll be given an appointment to see the specialist...
And he'll schedule an operation at some distant time...
Unless I make wincy, ouchy, pathetic noises when he checks me out.
Then he'll think it's acute and schedule the operation right away.
Except I don't want it until after the skate season and in that murky time before ski season kicks in.
So I can get a "month to heal" in under my belt.
And meanwhile, I can't do any weight work at the gym, except when seated or lying down.
But this is no hardship.
You can almost everything with weights for your legs, arms and shoulders lying down.

la la la...

~ yeah... ok, so I start with ginch... fine, everybody does.
but then it's sox. These set the tone for the rest of the days clothes.
I started in white... nice jeans, nice white dress shirt, argyle sweater.
15 seconds into this... I felt hot... uncomfortable.
So I changed. Dark sox, dark dress pants, different white shirt... same sweater.
And then I made and drank a delicious peach smoothy ... brushed my teeth... and decided I hated what I was wearing.
So... brown sox. Beige trousers... this dark green shirt.
Then... I killed myself.
~ eh... wednesday madness.
~ long day that vanishes in the blink of an eye.
~ and I managed to make it to my doc appointment at 11 and the gym for lunch. :)
~ I would stop getting fucking hernias.
~ that the hunters of heads bring good gifts to ayoub
~ and that all well with daddy-o in the land of odyssey_road. :)

September 15, 2009
(last night)
The night Geo practically begged me to help his get sorted on shaving his upper lip.
It was very black peach fuzzy cute...
... and I understand his pain. lol.
So it's gone now.

Both kids stayed home from school today.
Sick. Colds.
They've both gone to bed sniffling...
... but we're expecting to send them to school tomorrow. :(
Apparently the entire school (Geo's high school) is sick-with-a-cold.
(as I pop another handful of Cold-FX.)

I am honestly shocked to realize that tomorrow is Thursday.
The week is almost over.
And ... it feels like it only just started.
Time... she is a speedy little tart.

~ kceeya.

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