Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, September 13

Yesterday ... today... more of that perfect weather. They're calling for rain tomorrow. We'll see.

Geo and I made it to two skate parks yesterday morning... home by 12:30. Good fun. :)
Made awesome cup cakes.... well, actually pretty basic cupcakes (vanilla box mix) but great icing. (that "cook" sort with the egg whites, corn syrop, cream-of-tartar, etc... and is like liquid marshmallow.

Dinner with Suz's family, celebrating her mom's birthday.

~ blue plaid shorts... er... tj max in watertown. :)
~ an excellent weekend... and presto. It happened.
~ but today specifically? wake up and hand a coffee to zee and she heads to the gym... and go back to sleep.
~ end up doing a cost-co run and a trip to my parents to lend a hand.
~ worked on the ramp with Geo... transition is tar papered, and joist-hangers are on... 80% of the boards are cut and we'll be in assembly mode by next weekend.
~ working on a nice dinner. Marinating fresh cut pork chops (I get one of those vast pork loins at cost-co and cut sixty seven million pork chops...).
~ for ca_blondi to ... catch some good vibes.
~ to send a smile to a little bratt... er... bratt72
~ that hotblue... can find the strength to let go... and let them hold.
~ and to smile while I call pageeater a spaz. :)

The problem with censorship is that the line people refer to as being the one that "generally speaking, people believe you shouldn't cross..."
Is an imaginary line that does nothing besides separate rage from reason.

Aunt Lizzies oatmeal cookies... should be used in drug education programs to demonstrate the addictive properties of CRACK. :D

I do not think I can.
(yoda: "There is no try... only do, or do not.")
I absolutely know I can.
It's always only ever a question...
of whether or not I want to.


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