Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, September 11

yup ... again with the great weather. :D

Got home from work...
got out of work clothes...
jeans, a tee and every skate pad I own.
sadly, this still included the hockey shorts.
'cuz, I did this last weekend... twice... but not again since.
So I wanted to ... you know, find out if it was a fluke.
It was just as scary... personally.
However... two more times, no wipe outs and yup yup.
Feeling great about it. (no really... stupid grin on my face all through dinner. :D)
So I'm guessing I'll drop the hockey pants... er, well... you know what I mean. LOL.

~ jeans, white shirt, argyle sweater... so cold in the morning... so hot by lunch. :D
~ getting busy work done at work... stuff that's been waiting for a spare moment.
~ more lunch gym... totally digging this. :)
~ home after work... to drop. :D
~ that my friend, Jessica, manages to contain her happy about some good news. :D er... I mean, :D :D
~ to tell pixiecup that it's either in the drawer under the oven, or at the back of the fork drawer. :)
~ for debby to cut herself some slack...
~ and for innerly... to just stick with her instincts. I trust them. :)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to a much absent doowat (I know you're over at fb sugar)...
but I like wishing you a happy birthday. Yours is a story that has been such fun to follow
and the best part is how things have turned out in the life and times of you. A very happy
birthday little sugar and may this next year carry on the great vibe the last year has made for you.

Destinations are for pussies.
If you haven't made it all about the journey...
... well, I just can't imagine how you're surviving?

Memory Lane:
September 11.
I was working at a downtown-Ottawa office building,
Sitting at my "cube" logged into LJ first thing in the day.
Sipping my coffee I read a post that says "A plane just flew into the WTC!"
And my mind pictured a Cessna single engine prop bouncing off the side of a massive building and falling to the ground.
Events flooded in over my LJ friends list (most notably, as the plot thickened, in circlek's journal. He was an amazing updater on the whole event.
[ :: His public posts on 9/11 :: ]
Coworkers were grouping up around computers... and two coworkers and I left.
We walked to the Radison Hotel across the street... up the public lounge...
And stood with a small crowd watching as the second plane hit.

Geo's touch... it got weird.
Everything works... except when he selects "Categories" in the App Store...
It just reads "App Store" on every line and has some random ... but only ONE repeated for every line, icon.
We sync'ed... we power cycled... no change.

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