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Oh, I forgot to mention ... at the staff meeting;

I work for this pretty cool company - or at least the Ottawa branch is pretty cool, but a lot of the managers are pretty uptight (like that's not true everywhere!) ... so we have these semi annual all-staff meetings in some local hotel, they serve free booze and snacks then go over this boring as hell crap designed to broaden employee's understanding of what other people do in the company... they need to get a clue about how to rally people to a goal.

Any ways, I was filling out some survey and decided that it would be more fun to hear people say "spank me" so I went up to the next 10 women I saw and asked them to say it... this included my boss, the vice-pres of the company, 3 sales reps, some admin staff and a consultant geek girl I've never met before... you know every single one of them was only too happy to say it... only one was worried about how loud she said it (so she whispered it... which was kinda cool actually). One put on a serious high pitched voice for it and a couple did a real breathy rendition... it was all priceless.

Ok... now I'm really going back to work.

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