Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, September 9

So... the whole "amazing weather" thing is just blazing along.
Clearly it has to break soon.
I hope mommy nature is all about making summer last into late October. mmmk?

~ dark stuff, trousers and a blue shirt. comfy for work...
~ but magically it's more comfy to wear jeans and a tee for home. :)
~ k... wednesday was, as usual, wicked. :D
~ the day just flew past... with a gym thing at lunch.
~ be a lazy slug all evening after serving dinner.
~ to say how happy I am that kaleidoscopeeye doesn't keep a M-16 in her car.
~ for lots of lovely firsts in the life and times of odyssey_road
~ and that things spin right for ninneviane. !!

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to bardiva... I hope yer having some good times for your birthday and that this next year gives you plenty to smile about. :D

Do you know how much it costs... at a minimum... to hold a federal election in Canada?
No... I don't mean what the political parties spend out of their own coffers.
I mean what it costs Canadian taxpayers to hold a federal election.
It does not cost less than three hundred million dollars ... $300,000,000.00

The minority conservative government in Canada has to toss it in and hold an election if the other guys decide they suck ("Non confidence vote")
Pretty much EXACTLY what happened ONE YEAR AGO.
And nothing changed.
And nothing will change this time.

Do you know how much it would cost to end hunger in Canada?
Yeah... me neither.

Ever notice how people can spend years screwing things up...
And then get aggravated when it can't be fixed over night.

"America's Got Talent"
Hasselhof is syncing to this dorky song.
And when the do the "end moment" close up ...
Idiot boy closes his mouth to smirk...
... before the song ends.

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