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Tuesday, September 8


Missed ya yesterday!
It was a holiday... and we spent it in fine holiday form.

Lots of nursing a sore neck from the head smacks (with a helmet, of course) from the weekend's adventure.

And! Geo and I cut the transition for the second quarter pipe (we're building a full half pipe).

Generally, a lovely day of chores, in sunshine and playing. It's fun to play at our house. :D

~ eh... I'm in shorts and an amer-eagle shirt ... a shirt that starts it's life looking tired and worn-in... I mean... seriously... wtf?
~ and I even did the jeans thing at work... but I layered in a white shirt with the nice blue/white argyle number.
~ does the "gets away with jeans on a monday" happy dance.
~ long day... but I got a good go in at the gym over lunch.
~ mostly getting sorted for tomorrows "wednesday meeting." . :)
~ nice dinner... Geo's been mr. super-helper with meal time lately... He's all about learning some basics. Tonight was how to cut up a 6$ chicken and turn it into 15$ worth of chicken parts (If you bought 'em seperately) and cook the lot on the bbq with a small pot of chicken-soup brewing on the stove when your done.
~ oh, and BB tonight. I'm thinking Michele has it ... the big money. I sure as heck don't want little sparky or Kevin to win. gah!!
~ that lisabella lets the recent milestone slip on past... it was a record destined to break. :)
~ to thank kitiara... for another lesson from the Kit Encyclopedia. I now know that a Nystagmus is... let alone a HGN test. cool.
~ and that my very favorite veet... er... nerdular... gets to feeling a lot better. :)

Birthday moments...
Happy day-late birthday to a lovely young woman with a great smile and an interesting journal. Happy birthday nontradstudent... I hope the year brings you lots to smile about.
And another day-late happy birthday to Sugar-d... er... ca_blondi. May you heal up quick... laugh out loud and spend the year remembering a lovely birthday. :)

Nothing... not one thing... not one event or issue
has made American intolerance for change more apparent.
Enter Yoda: "Speaking I am on the subject of healthcare."
I mean... seriously people... freaking relax for a second and read something on the subject.
Stop forming all your earth-shattering-views on the strength of the a ranting citizen's logic during the last Fire Side Chat or what-ever they're calling the community meetings.

Clue: Of course there are things wrong with universal health care systems.
d'uh! I live and pay taxes in Canada. I've come by my opinion on that subject honestly.
However, there are also things wrong with the way things are sorted for health care in the US now.

Acting like the status quo is some sacred cow to be worshiped and suckled ... is really just pathetic.
To say nothing of the fear mongering!
There is enough wrong with how things are... that you ought to be ashamed.

Dear Famous Contemporary Bands:
Neil Diamond ANDY KIM, performing the song "Rock me gently" (... rock me slowly...)
JUST SCREAMS "somebody remake this song".
It's a fantastic rif, lyric and melody.
And it needs a little updating.
Thank you.
(and thanks brak55!)

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