Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, September 4

Super crazy amazing beautiful day.
It's Friday...
... and there's three more days of this coming.
Please join me in a hearty hell yeah!. :D

~ more about the jeans... a black tee and a shirt. :)
~ it's friday. I plan of surviving the day and kissing the weekend full on the frick'en lips.
~ that I had been smart enough to buy these flipp'en used hockey pants a week ago. :)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday voicesinherhead... :D I hope you catch some serious breaks this year!! :D

So... this video bit is here to settle a coolness issue.
While I have given in to the coolness...
this does not cause the coolness to emanate from me.
I am totally rocken the skatepark thing...
I've skated more this summer than I've skated in the sum total of all summers that have come before.
See... last year, I decided I was going to learn how to drop-in.
Well... it scares the freaking crap out of me. :D
Go ahead... stand on one of these things and give'er a loo. LOL.
Ok... so, tonight - being a night before a day that I don't have to work... or go to work with wounds...
And I figured it was time to try again.
I was ... am...pretty excited about having snagged a second hand pair of hockey pants.
The only problem with typical skate park pads? Landing on your god dammed hip.
(did that last week... when I was busy not successfully dropping in then... )
Only two good things about todays attempts...
Totally didn't wipe out. :D :D :D (so, feeling large about continuing to "try")
It's a Friday... so I can try all weekend. :)

and without further blah blah blah...

~ this is an "awlll be baaack" moment. :D

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