Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, September 1

And off Geo went to his bus stop ... out the door at 7:10.
Ed is off to his bus at 7:20.
(and I'm in the shower at 7:30, dressed and snapping a journal picture at 8:00). :D

Both boys had great first days.
This makes me so darn happy. :)

Geo was worried that his teachers would be like tv high school teachers (evil idiots)... and, of course, they weren't. He was full of Mr. This and Mrs. That stories and I'm sure he is going to love them to pieces.
Ed was terrified of his pending french teacher. Apparently he made a habit of being sweet to the girls and mean to the boys. Ed says he would pound on a kids desk if said-kid got an answer wrong, etc. blah blah blah... but he came home today filled with happy because he has this other new woman for french class... and he likes her. :D

~ hmm... dark trousers... black tee... blue summer shirt... my new belt...
~ new belt ... because my old belt... my old belt is stoooopid.
~ I hate my old belt. well... actually I love my old old belt, but the new one I got a while ago that is now - finally - my old belt... stoooopid.
~ like... I want to cut it... like with a knife man... stabby time... slashy time.
~ belt murder
~ long tuesday at work. today has been a seriously long day.
~ made it to the gym at lunch with coworky-gym friends.
~ took the boys out to an end-of-summer dinner at east side marios... and now I got a tummy ache. :)
~ is that how you spell "ache"? 'cuz it just looks wrong.
~ that little miss sugar-dee... er... dinkydo ... does well tomorrow,
~ for cerulean_me to get the news she needs...
~ and for darkbay ... to remember that shes the boss.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthdayserraph... although I know you're mostly vanished into a busy young womans life. May the days that are slipping past be filled with good friends and all the love you can handle. I hope you've had a lovely birthday sugar-j.

My hat is fricking off to the parliamentary news reporters that can freaking stand there, on national television
and say things like "Steven Harper is shuffling his caucus... his new caucus will be nothing like his old caucus... "
... and not collapse in laughter.

So the alarm went off at 5:00...
The wee tiny pot of coffee had brewed.
Me, in runners, jeans and a big warm sweatshirt... grabbed a coffee, binoculars...
And walked out the front door... Purcy dancing along beside me... and out into the middle of my front yard.
I stood there, glaring at this bright object through the binocs trying to decide if it was the IIS ... "is it moving?" I ask myself.
hahaha... I tip my head back to stretch ... open my eyes... and there it is.
Plain as day... and not the thing I was glaring at a moment ago.
This is the real deal. Cutting a deliberate path between the pre-dawn stars... moving in a way that is inherently groovy to anyone that's into astronomy. Like... everything in the sky at night moves in a specific direction. The planets break the mold but they do it so freaking slowly that you only see the disconnect on successive nights.
But this? This is a blot of light, bigger than mighty jupiter... bigger by far (but still just a round dish of light to my eyes or the binocs) is moving straight across the arc of the sky.
A pathway taken by nothing else. Not even the random (and there's a shit load of them) satellites move in this direction. (they mostly go SE to NW...).
I watched for maybe half it's journey across the night sky...
Got bored...
Came back inside, reset the coffee maker to make a big-ass pot of joe at 6:30
and went back to bed. :D

To just reach out,
and trace the line of your cheek with four fingers...
linger... and take a sweet breath as you tip your head gently against my hand,
warmth spreading through the connection
and I just close my eyes...
preserving this moment.

~ k... I gotta go. :D See ya soon.

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