Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, August 23

no really... I'm not tall.

Sunny and gorgeous right now.
Yesterday? No rain. Threatened a few times. But lots of win.

The weather idiots have been on and on about constant thunder storms. lol.

oh... and we're going on a road trip. :)

~ ah, yes... well shorts and a tee...
~ to hop in our car in a few minutes and drive away...
~ going to Watertown... then on to Syracuse... on a two day shopping extravaganza...
~ er... nice restaurants and B&B squeeky beds too...
~ for mspish to find some smiles...
~ to share canuckgirl's pain about learning other languages...
~ that mr. unconnected, er... allyn... has a gas at burning man...
~ and for some peace to sneak up on nosneros_h and squeeze her bum...

Birthday moments...
happy late birthday to a long lost sunshowers08. I hope you're having fun sugar.
And to the man with the knives... the forks and the runcible spoons... Happy birthday petermarcus. May there be remarkable flavours in the year ahead.
and today...
Happy birthday glossgirl... May this next year bring golden opportunities.
And to thumper ... happy birthday! I hope we both get to laugh at folks who couldn't outwit their way out of a wet paper bag. :)

two e's in a row in a bunch of other letters... say... in a word...
is hard to tell from three.

packed up to go...
And realized I was out of imitrix (migraine meds).
Pharamcy dude where my script is... is out of my stuff...
So he's searching around other stores to try and find it for me. :(
It is such a bad bad bad idea to leave town without migraine meds.
(fingers crossed)

... k, gotta go. :D
See ya in a few days.

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