Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, August 20

Something wicked this way comes...
The weather emergency ticker across the bottom of the tv screen during Big Brother was quite something...
Telling Torontonians to get i n their basements immediately, etc.
Bad storms... tornados and general freak out in the Toronto area.

So... Toronto is over there... Ottawa is over here... and the kids camp is on this side of half way between.
We've been watching the weather radars all evening.
The bad stuff seems to be north of the kids camp.
But it's going to have been a fun night for them.

~ well... it was beige trouser day...
~ but I ended up in the can at a starbucks again... (changing into shorts an'stuff for skating...)
~ a busy day at work...
~ and as the universe threatened mucho d'rain'oh... I bolted for the skatepark after work and managed to get an hour and a half in. :)
~ get me some big brother tonight...
~ that my friends in and around Toronto are all safe!!!!!!!!!!!!

The whole "compassionate" thing about letting Al-Bomber-Man out of jail in Scotland (Thanks for the corrections last time. :D) ...
According to the Minister dude that made the decision... (he also made a speech about his decision)
... according to him, it is not about compassion for bomber guy,
It's about living up the ideal that as a state, they will exhibit compassion.
And the actual person... his/her crime, etc... not part of the equation.
So, Ok... I see the rationale.
Hoping to get what you give on a foreign relations scale.
But I also see it as adding up to being a pussy.

Dude... !
d'ya see that Semenya.
South African runner.
Look at that name...
"Semen... yeah?"
er... there's a wee question about her... his... it's gender.
looks like a guy... cept for the cheek bone to "eye cavity" zone...
and I couldn't tell about the adams apple...

k... it's late. :)

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