Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Mornin Lj.

So last night was kind of a bust ... Z and I hardly saw each other for more than seconds until like 9:30 and then it was dreaded financial conversations (I can't actually remember a money conversation not ending badly). We have taxes, the deck, window repairs, and window painting to pay for this summer.... and it's getting harsh.

Any ways, the night was essentially me getting home late(7:00) (staff meeting) then taking the kids to the park for an hour (8:00), then dealing with the whole bedtime ritual and getting them to sleep... (9:30). Then the money talk started... I should have got a coffee first. So, that lasted till 10:30, got a big nasty and in stead of me getting super pissed off about it, I bailed on the convo... and went for that coffee... She went to bed. So the night was a bit of a bust� We'll deal tonight. We always do.

I taped but didn't watch Dark Angel... so I'll watch lip girl (Miss Alba) beat some peeps up later...

~ dress pants, dark charcoal
~ nice sox and rockports
~ mock neck shirt under a point-zero sweater (the one with the useless zipper pocket on the sleeve) - hey it's chilli outside today!
~ big day... crap happened in our company yesterday that means I have to do some major project planning and start thinking about who else wants me to work for them� yucki but prudent.
~ to finish the package_gang shopping (didn't get near that yesterday - although, tacki as it may seem, I'm including a pen they were giving out at our staff meeting - I snagged one for each of my package buds 'cause they're really really nice frigging pens! :D)
~ I could have logged in last night but it just was not happening�
~ that I get to chat with laini today, or tonight�
~ Z and I get our stuff together tonight!
~ that mauracelt posts a picture of herself in that outfit from Mom! (:D)

Oh, did I mention that we're (well Zebra is painting the Kitchen)�
I am so going to do pictorial tour of our house on the playground� which, of course, will take me forever to get done - but it'll happen. :D

Later Lj, busy day ahead!

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