Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, August 14

Again... a perfect day. Hot, clear, sunny and ... stuck in an ugly cube in a government building.
The sad thing .... is that I totally dig my job and I really don't mind coming to work. :)

~ seeing as my nice pants are at the dry cleaners...
~ I embraced casual friday with black jeans, black tee and blue summer button up shirt. :)
~ I work in a government office... on a friday... with perfect weather. Clearly I was able to get a lot done today. :D :D (holy ghost town batman!!)
~ gym at lunch... really great work out today. Got one of the trainers to sort me out on some new equipment to work more effectively on my calf muscles.
~ about to call it a day and head home...
~ I want very much to go to the big skate park after work... we'll see. :)
~ I wasn't such a big pussy. er... chicken... ? I'm going to try the drop-in thing on our home-ramp-o-matic this weekend. So if you never hear from me again... it's cuz I died doing it. :)
~ that pasticcio manages to get JR to drive her places... seat belts ON. :D LOL.
~ and for laperleprofonde to lose the bumps...

Driving to work today... driving to work any day... I go up this long beautiful paved road that cuts through major farm land to connect the Scotia Bank Place (big arena in town) to the part of the rural environment that I live in. So I have this er... maybe 6 km straight stretch. You gotta watch your speed there cuz it's just one big speed trap.
No problem.
Suz has already had a ticket there...
It's where I hit the dear a couple of years ago.
I use cruize control and pay attention.
No problemo.
So, today on my way to work... I can see cop lights in the deep distance. Somebody got pulled over and will be cursing as they consider the amount they'll have to pay.
I WAS THIS CLOSE (but fortunately my rare-better-sense kicked in and I drove on by...) to STOPPING and giving the cop a piece of my mind for pulling someone over at the top of a freaking riser and doing the whole "pulling over" by STAYING IN THE traffice lane... so they didn't actually "pull over".
You had to pull into the oncoming lane to pass them... but you had to do it blind... on your way up a small hill.
Freaking dangerous and that cop should seriously have known better.
I was going to pull over and get all stupid about it... I likely would have ended up in hand-cuffs. LOL.

Heard a LIVEJOURNAL reference on CBC Radio One yesterday. :)
I can't actually remember the name of the community they were talking about... 'cuz I was all excited about hearing "blah blah DOT
Is cool.

Still researching the next ramp components... but I'll have the order placed by the end of the weekend. :)
Very excited. It's going to go a lot faster than the first one... I had no clue what I was doing before...
Now? I have at least three clues. :D

see ya.

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