Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, August 13

~ just before I left for work... Sorry, I look like a stalker psycho... :D

OMG... what an amazingly beautiful day.
Big hot.

Big sky.
And there's no end in sight. :)
It's a great time to start another massive project. :D

~ yeah... so I am total stalker gear today...
~ er... I mean, shirt and tie day...
~ although... see, I brought my beige trousers in a plastic bag... along with my shorts, and sox. I'm wearing a nice huge white t under the dress shirt.
~ end of the day... i'm in future shop buying zee a new set of earbeads... I bring the clothing bag and my skate shoes from the trunk...
~ bathroom at FS... shorts, tee, shorty white sox and purple lakai shoes and a bag with one pair of dark gray trousers and one pair of beige trousers.
~ la la la...
~ to go to the drycleaners on the way home from work and drop off my trousers... :D
~ giving a presentation at 8:30 to 11 this morning. lots and lots and lots of questions... it was great.
~ kinda got a head ache towards the end of the day. advil...
~ to send some lj love out to escapeaverage and maybe make some magic...
~ that crushdmb stops drooling...
~ to congratulate little mz. awesome... er... dotcombabe... you know... for being awesome... (and a tv star)
~ and for sirenity to have a great time tonight. :)

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday wish out to a lovely little heidi... aka darkbay. May the year ahead find sweet ways to remind you that ... you got it ... sugar. :)

There's this news item about the guy Canada convicted of being a muthafuckenkill'enbastard er... blowing up Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie.
Seems he's old and sick and serving a life sentence.
And they (the official "They") are considering FREEING him for compassionate reasons - so he can go home to where-the-fuck-ever-istan and die old and sick.
Just... wtf?

The province of Quebec is getting mad at Toyota.
Seems their bluetooth voice recog cell phone hands free thing...
Is only in english.

My detailed high tech super specification blue prints...

~ see... blue pen... hence the whole "blue print" thing... :)
Giant rampinator addition-ator ... ator.
This will be awesome.
I'm all keen... cuz...
I n'splainded myself to zee... and she was ok with it.
:D :D :D :D :D :D

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