Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, August 11

~ no reason... just thought... you know... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. :)

Another day dedicated to the weather idiots expectation that it would be filled with t-storms.
and, of course, it rained for a second at some point, but otherwise... yup yup... sunny and beautiful.

~ a beige day. :)
~ my "first thing tuesday morning" meeting... cancelled and layered onto my crazy wednesday. :(
~ all kinds of meetings this week... it's like punishment for being off last week. :D
~ got my hair cut...
~ went to the gym... even though it's a tuesday... just cuz...
~ made an AWESOME dinner... see //
~ and after a Community Ass meeting... it'll be Big Brother. :)
~ that sodiumbisulfite manages to keep the monetary hounds at bay!!
~ for ninneviane to enjoy the real life movie called... Zia. :)
~ dawna... er... Test!
~ and for kitiara to get better ... soon.

Birthday moments...
A quiet little happy birthday out to a quiet little joei. :)

So far ... so win!!
With the new version of the video.
It's the whole... "trying to appeal to the concept of fair use" in a system that seems built to let media tycons make rules that turn the interweebs stupid.

So at 5:20 I pull eight little "individually vac-sealed-frozen talapia fillets" out of the freezer... (Cost-co... bag full of talapia... )
Dump them, still wrapped, in a sink full of water.
Put on some rice...
Make a sauce... juice from a quarter lemon, lemon zest from the same quarter, more than a tablespoon of oyster sauce, some "onion mustard" (just a bit), a half cup of peach five-alive, some water,
Cut up a bunch of yellow beans... in a pot ready to cook...
Cut up some garden-carrots (not our garden... :D)... also ready to cook.
Get the fish out of the little bags 'cuz they're thawed out by now... (5:40)
Biggest skillet ('lectric fry pan would work great).... get hot!
Tab of butter... spread it 'round.
In with the fish... sear it, flip it, pour the sauce on it and cover, drop the heat to simmer.
Cook the veg. (no, not Reeves... he died ages ago)
Serve it all at 6:00.
All done by 6:20, and cleaned up by 6:30.

Time to watch Better Off Ted...
and Big Bro.
ah... time for tv in this busy life. :)

See ya.

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