Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, August 5

Gorgeous day. So this week has been... continues to be... rain one day, sunny the next.
So yeah... the sun comes out and it's time to soak it up. :D

Today... was excellent. :)

~ those shorts... another shirt... :)
~ an exceptional day... :D
~ up early to make z breakfast and wave as she leaves for a half day of work...
~ get busy with wood for the shelves... (some assembly required...)
~ try to wake kids... get nowhere...
~ pack up and head to the "pond clinic" to talk about a rain-barrel and stuff...
~ then starbucks and off to the big skate park for an hour...
~ home depot...
~ home, make lunches, work on shelves, and then head out with Edward for groceries.
~ dinner (bbq burgers) and now? it's just now... getting ready for dusk.
~ that rini gets past the jet lag quick...
~ to thank lianna for a moment of bliss...
~ and that cynica doesn't hurt anybody.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday ossie... my sun soaked friend. :D I hope the year ahead keeps chaos at bay... and surrounds you with loving family. :)

Working on (playing with...) the skate ramp video...
I love projects like this... holds my interest long enough to actually get finished...
Although I'm assuming much there. :D

I'm having trouble internalizing the idea that it's already August 5.
I mean. BANG and it's the school year again (Ours starts on Sept 1).
Sigh... making lunches... gah.
Only glimmer? The boys go to two weeks of camp in another week.

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