Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, August 2

k... starting the next project.
That cubby? behind me there? The "office" is in the spare bedroom...
So that closet is all about two shelves up above and a great swash of space for hanging clothes on a rod.
Out with the rod... in with shelves.
Making three more painted, proper shelves to compliment the handiwork of the upper two shelves.
Bought the wood today... going to cut and paint tomorrow.

It's a rainy day. It rained like all get out last night and ol'rampinator is high and dry, living inside it's little ramp-bag. :)

~ eh... sunday... shorts, tee... and a smile.
~ up early (9 is early)...
~ work on the "So you want to build a skate ramp" video... :D :D
~ trip to home depot for shelving stuff...
~ bought the new Wii Resort Sports and the second "extra motion sensomatic thingy". It'll be a good surprise for the kids later.
~ one wish... for my very long time friend inspectorjury... and that you find your way back after quad-by-pass. Be well Dave. I'm patient. :D

Birthday moments...
From Friday, July 31...
A very happy birthday to mr dad, er... my moster party... er... to weswilson. I hope the year ahead keeps you and your family safe and happy.
And for something like a good birthday to have found aint2nuts... and that you catch a break right quick and get this year to turn things around. :)
And from yesterday...
Happy birthday sb186... May the year ahead carry on with the whole people-doing-great vibe. (and that the dry season doesn't bring you any heartaches)
Happy birthday to little miss super hoops... pixiecup. May the wonderful colours of your curious and delicious life keep on shining as brightly as they can.

I'm having way too much fun watching Torchwoods COE for it to be over in just one more episode. :(

You're alive and you know it.
There's work, there's rest and hopefully there's room for play.
Add 'family'... and that's a full plate.
Except it's not good enough.
You need more.
You just do.
So here's what you do...
Every year that becomes part of your back story...
Should have at least a moment of your time dedicated to writing about your feelings. Poems? I guess... and it may suck. But that doesn't matter.
Build something... It doesn't have to be big, just as long as you can step back and say "I made that..."
Be selfless... and make it sure it cost you something. It's not as hard as it sounds. Like... like, buy twenty packages of diapers and take them to a local homeless shelter. Done.
Draw a picture, write a story, paint, photography-in-a-frame, something... but something artistic... again, even if you suck at this.
Just don't let a single year finish without checking off...
~ searching-your-heart,
~ leaving-a-mark,
~ being-a-light-in-the-dark,
~ and making room for art.
You're alive... sure.
But these are the moments when you live.

K... see ya.

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