Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, July 30

Hi. :)
Today was good.
It started very early and before you know it, I was dropping Ed off at Lego Robotics Camp and heading for 'bucks.
On the walls at the centerpoint skate park by 9:30... in gorgeous sunshine.
Of course, the very first thing I do is bail and scrape up my elbow and I kinda hurt my thumb a bit but... eh. nothing significant... just doofus'esque.

Kids at the park...

Home at 11:15...
Have lunch with Geo and go to the kanata skate park for a while...
Then head for NEW METAL.
The "36 thou" sheets I got the other day were too wussy.
We picked up an eight foot long, 18" wide length of "75 thou" and it's freaking PERFECT. :D

~ had to keep changing... kept getting dirty and sweaty. :D
~ skate... skate skate skate... (rare sunny day!)
~ wicked wicked dinner...
~ and then MOVE THE RAMP from the garage to the patio-of-my-own-design where it can officially become The Rampinator 2000
~ play on the ramp...
~ then cover it with the special tarp thing... all clips* and eyelets. :D
~ watch BB later. :) ... or not... might have to wait for tomorrow night. :(
~ that sassy_red_head enjoys getting creative with beans...
~ that misskris had had a super-suit on... or at least a billowing cape
~ and to send a little VH5 out to minarets and her recent inky experience. :D

So... my iphone wasn't hijacked today.
(so far...)
Dear Apple:
Please reassure me.
Thankyoutalktoyouagainrealsoon. :)

So happy. :)

~ actually, I'm thinking it needs a paint job...
to protect some of the plywood and to give the ramp a little grip...
(very slippery). :)

She's been seduced by the coolness...
(omg I love phinias and ferb)

*clips... because I can't spell carabeaners...
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