Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, July 29

um... oh look... a profile. :D

Well... I have tomorrow and friday off.
(more payback from the employer for overtime work last winter)
Then monday is a holiday...
And the rest of next week? More of that payback.
So biotch... this is night one of eleven.

It's rained and stormed and sucked... for the last couple of weeks.
Tomorrow... s'posed to be sunny. :D
My plan? Wake up... feed zee breakfast, dress and feed Ed.
Drive Ed to camp...
... and continue on to Starbucks and the skatepark. :D :D :D :D :D
er... and I gotta buy some heavier gauge metal.

~ ah... yeah, got all up in my office stuff...
~ dark trousers, nice shirt and a tie. :)
~ now? well it's all about the shitty gap shirt and some shorts.
~ wednesday crazyday... go go gadget.
~ made it to the gym at lunch... (I love taking a hot shower before the afternoon of work).
~ mid week "perimeter" groceries on the way home from work...
~ made awesome chinese food for dinner.
~ now it's now... and we're watching bb from last night. :)
~ I had bought heavier gauge metal for the ramp transition. (and I'm guessing I'm going to have to go get some)
~ to send quiet condolences to my little debby...
~ that lisabella learns to make her bed...
~ for dailymom to hold onto that luck...
~ and to send a little lj love out to nutmeg... strong girl... deserves hugs. :)

What's up with the Forbes story about a massive iPhone hack that can hijack "every iphone in the world".
It's not a good thing guys... :( :(
But... is it real? We'll see after tomorrow!!!
[ :: Forbes Article :: ]

Edited to a FO post... because ... sometimes I'm a pussy

~ watching Torchwood... day 1.
I've missed Gwen. :D

See ya later skaters.

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