Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, July 28

I cannot believe that it's ... like... almost August? WOW! How time flies when you're having more fun that should normally be legal. :D

Sunshine? Yeah... gorgeous eh... and the weather calls for t-storms every single freaking day.

We had 6 inches of rain fall in an hour over the weekend. Hundreds and hundreds of houses in our neck of the city were flooded.
Even a couple of basements on our street... sooo much water. :(
As I said the other day... truly epic proportions of rain.

Anyways... it's Tuesday.
I work tomorrow... and then I'm off for eleven days.
Because I truly enjoy screwing around at home instead of working. !!!
Fancy that eh... :D

Hey... check out my Rampinator 2000 "In a Bag". :D

~ eh... beige... dark tee and dark summer shirt... ;)
~ nice wake up today... slip up, have shower, wake and dress Ed. We go down and watch Ferb and eat... then I take him day camp and head to work. :D
~ work work work...
~ hoping to go home with two coworkers at lunch to eat shwarma and play pin ball.
~ work on the Rampinator 2000 tonight.
~ that darkbay would remember that life is wicked long... just ride this stage baby... the next one is just around the corner. :)
~ I could just hang out with ayoub for a couple of days... just 'cuz. :D
~ to tell dotcombabe that I'm jealous of her little ginger Charlie... (want)
~ and to smile, pretty much endlessly, at pasticcio. I love this woman ... she almost always makes me smile and ... that is a wonderful thing in this life. :D

The Catch-Up!!!!
(imagine that the picture say's Sunday, 'cuz that's when I snapped it. :D)
~ Sunday we had my family over for bbq burgers and cake to have a "late celebration" of z's birthday. :)
The day was spent outside doing yard work... or sorting out the dinner. It was nice to have everyone over.

(imagine that the picture say's Monday!!!)
~ Monday after work... found me in an industrial park, negotiating with a guy to cut and sell me three 1x4 foot sheets of metal "36-thou" or .036 gauge galvenized steel, for cash... no tax. :)
And then... for fun... I went mental Monday night trying to "Do" the transition (Pavement to skate ramp). It's totally fucked up man... it's sooooo flipping hard to get this part right. :(
It's going to take a bunch of work tonight to even get NEAR the part where I attach the very cool sheets of metal. :)

*Will Be Cross Posted to WoW Community*
~ very frustrated with a warcraft problem that Geo is having.
Tech - geeky.
Result: Game Crash with a message about not being able to read file such-and-such (always a WoW texture file of some sort... but always a diff file...)
Circumstance: He can "make it happen" by re-doing the same things... and he will see video features get all screwed up (like a rainbow colour pattern on a wall or a tower top) and 2 seconds later... boom. Game Crash with error message.
~ I've had him re-create the problem with absolutely nothing else running on his computer. Same result.
~ "cannot read file..." makes me worry that it's a hardware (hard drive) problem... but ???? how could that happen in the same spot all the time (it will happen in "other spots" but he can recreate the problem using the "same spot" thing)
~ three year old processor, but 2 gigs of ram, 300 gig hd and a fairly new, modest video card (radion)
History: he has had Realtek audio driver problems with this computer that manifest when he uses Battlenet (frigg'en battlenet!!!), and we have a reasonably fresh install of SP3 XP Pro and a similarly "fresh" install of WoW... but he does use a lot of those add-ons...

Any advice would be most appreciated. :D

We sent the kids to "Day Camp" this week...
Ed is in Lego Robotics. (half day with Lego Robot stuff... and half day playing games outside, etc.)
Geo is in Web Mania (half day "web dev stuff" and half day of games.)

Well... the age range in Geo's camp was ... sigh... 10 - 14. He is 13 and every other kid was 10 or 11 and he felt WAY OLDER. hahaha... We de-registered him immediately following day one as opposed to letting him murder us in our sleep. :D

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