Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, July 24

We had epic rain today...
totally amazing volumes.
Overwhelmed all the normal drainage systems...

~ beads of sweat... ridiculous...
~ a nice relaxing day of slaving away like a banshiy... good times...
~ finished moving the elevendy million tonnes of crushed stone
~ got the first layer of plywood on the ramp... tar paper and then got the next layer started after dinner. :)
~ a mad retail rush to hit Canadian Tire and return a hose and a tarp... buy a dehumidifier, go to loblaws for groceries, then order pizza, go to cost-co, go to home-depot, pick up pizza, home for dinner. :D
~ ping pong... there was ping pong... :D
~ for function to fill in spaces bursting with dysfunction in the life of voicesinherhead
~ that canuckgirl figures out the wires...
~ and to just send some love and stuff ... out to nutmeg

We went to the "mont cascades water park fun day" that our employer arranges every summer.
This was last Saturday. It was rainy, cold and blowy.
It was an excuse to get the kids out... to do something... the weather sucking this bad means... not a lot of outdoor time.
Ed and Suz sit at a picnic table for a bit while Geo and I do the first couple of water tubes... the water? was NOT warm. Frack.
Sooo... we run for the table, grab towels and chase Ed and Suz to the line up for food.
After we eat, we plan to just do the big ride and then head home...
I ask Ed if he's ready to go...
He says "no, I want to ride the Bench & Table ride"
We look out at the landscape of water tubes, trying to figure which one he means...
and he grabs the picnic table and says "Weeeeeeeee".
He had no interest in getting wet. :D

Moved a lot of crushed stone today...
Good thing.
The "tamper" arrives tomorrow. Rain or shine... I got lots of work to do tomorrow.

It's coming along.
It's getting exciting.
Almost done.
and yeah... decided to just leave it as it is and go with it. :)


ps. the movie Blazing Saddles ... loses a certain something when they "silence out" every occurrence of the word nigger...

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