Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, July 23

Sunshine and beauty... in the sky above the evil clouds that rained on me all day today.


Another day off...

~ shorts and a tee... lots of that today. :)
~ up nice and early... like 7:00...
~ spent the morning correcting for the 1.5 inches of doom
~ home depot run to get wood to frame the patio crushed-rock-pit-of-doom ... and more screws... and more brackets... sigh.
~ cleaned the upstairs today ... made salmon and uber-spicy-burgers with a big caesar salad for dinner
~ and screwed around with the ramp ... It is officially the Rampinator 2000 and among it's many talents... it can consume time like all get out...
~ going to watch Big Brother soon... the boys, zee and I continue to be fans... despite all of us hating it... we watch. :D (and secretly don't hate ... :D)
~ that good ideas ... reward blonnie
~ for mspish to enjoy her estonia dreams...
~ to say to pasticcio... cream.
~ and that the always always lovely ca_blondi... finds the path with her name on it.

This is what I get for building a skateboard ramp...

Rampinator 2000

The 3/8 plywood sheets go on tomorrow...
~ actually... I'll be doing some soul searching tomorrow.
I'm worried that I've made the thing too steep at the top... meaning, it ought to be "do'able" by kids still early in the learning curve...
Changing it now... would be horribly hard... but still possible.
But perhaps not necessary... so like I said... soul searching tomorrow.

just... wow!!!

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