Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, July 22

So ... it rained but then it stopped... stayed cloudy, except when it was sunny, clearly wanted to rain again and yup, there was more sun.
And what was so hard about predicting that?

~ hmm... I had a golf shirt on at one point... :D
~ wohoo... a day off.
~ Ok, it went like this..
6:45 up and get coffee for zee
7:15 make breakfast for zee and eat mine watching phinias and ferb...
8:30 tamp, smash and pound down the level stone dust for the back half... and cart away a bunch of extra stone dust...
10:00 boys up... feed 'em, and get Geo to help me with the ramp... teaching him about power tools. Get ribs out of freezer.
12:00 lunch, vac the main floor, clean the main floor bathroom... then more ramp stuff with Geo.
2:00 leave with the boys to meet my dad at a nice par 3 course to introduce the boys to an actual golf game... nine holes :)
5:00 home to put ribs in water to boil... meet zee and go to the gym for the wednesday workout
6:30 ribs in oven to roast for a while in my super special sauce...
7:00 ribs off bbq, potatoes and brocolli... and we have a big feed.
8:00 finish "platform structure", cut coping.
9:00 sit down with a double short breve latte, a laptop and ... relax.
~ for odyssey_road to catch a little break...
~ that pageeater enjoys eating all those classic pages...
~ and for innerly to get a little rest. :)



~ :D

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