Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, July 21

~ me, sofa, laptop... and comfort. :D

A totally beautiful day...
sunshine and chunks of happiness falling out of the sky and crashing into people...
knocking them to the ground...
where thugs rob them...
I was lucky.

No seriously though... great day.

~ tee and shorts...
~ although the day was *gasp* beige and forest green day... lol
~ and I went through three sets of shorts/tee working on the stone dust after work.
~ did I mention the stone dust? I'm actually uncomfortable calling it "dust". That just sounds so tinkerbell... and yet... it's fracking rock.
~ oh... and, after getting the laser levels out and laying in the string markers, accurate to one million'th of a human hair, it became increasingly obvious that I have about seven hundred million metric tonnes more tinkerbell dust than I can possibly use on this project.
~ that crushdmb ... has a great night... even a good night!! :)
~ for odyssey_road to find that things are going to be fine...
~ and to send some quiet little vibes of goodness (cheesy huh? lol) to chiropteraclan...

tangerine jelly belly jelly beans are going to be designated a controlled substance.
it's true. I read it on the inster-nets.
this will likely improve the services available to addicts for recovery.

We are having this huge... I mean HUGE stone dust sale!!
Drop by... bring a bucket. :)

~ oh look... five days off?
holy job-jar Batman.
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