Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, July 16

~ squeeeeeek

Hola. :)
Hot day... actually turned on the AC.
Have I mentioned my hatred of weeds lately?
Seriously... die you little muthafuaf;kijaf;ja;fh af
er... sorry.

~ black jeans...
~ white tee... dark shirt.
~ work work work...
~ meet co-worker SLASH boss-man dude to talk shop...
~ hit Home Despot on the way home to buy more lumber and exchange some "wrong-size" brackets. :D (The ramp project march'eth on...)
~ out to dinner... and off to the movies. :D
~ that crossed-fingers work for jloopy's not-so-little-anymore globe-trotter. May her surprises be managable.
~ to make rude noises and gestures at minarets's blackberry... because it's not an iphone...
~ and that the mystery swirling into the lives of innerly and other families ... is resolved and soon!!

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to the love of my life. My zee, zebra, treetop, boots, suz, pea and, of course, suzanne.
I have a thing about pet names. :)
Somehow, my darl'ing... you seem to have ripped the pages of your life from Benjamin Button.

Um... two days ago, I logged onto an apple web site, and selected a link to ask them to call me about a support problem. I asked 'em to call yesterday at 3:30.
Yesterday, at 3:37 the phone rang. I told the guy about my bum ear beads for the iPhone.
Today, a fed ex package arrived with a new pair of ear beads.
And that rocks.

We're about to head out to dinner and get us a little Harry. :)
(oooo... that sounds kinda porno if you don't link it to Potter... of course, you'd be so far down in that cave of yours that you'd not be here to get the porno issue.
So... never mind.)

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