Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, July 15

"Protect What You Love"
~ I drive past this every day...

~ really nice day... although it's just clouded over and rained. eh...
garden gets a happy moment and we get a nice sunny day. :)

~ gray ftls... gym... then blue. :)
~ light trousers, green summer shirt. :)
~ z'madness that is sometimes called Wednesday
~ another awesome lunch hour at the gym (still loving every second)
~ shrimp for dinner
~ and do a whole bunch of measuring on the ramp bits... (measure, ignore, measure again... then measure again...then mark! lol)
~ to tell chiropteraclan I'm jealous but I'm getting my Potter tomorrow night. :D
~ and to congratulate eternally_pink and thank her for sharing her wedding pictures.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday modernarchetype! May the year ahead be filled with destinations worth every step of the journey.
And happy birthday kaylee... I hope a few things are spinning your way and that you're getting some love to celebrate your day. :)

So here's a fun social experiment...
Tell woman you were taught this awesome trick...
You can give a woman an orgasm by pressing this particular spot on her hand.
Keep track of what percentage... that, regardless of their attitude about what you've said, hold out their hand.*

You need to recognize that your current self is likely the dream goal self for someone else.
Let this guide your choices as you juggle pursuing your own goal... and enjoying what you've got.

*k, you could go cheeseball and say "ack! It's not working... we'll have to do this the ol'fashioned way..."

~ k... see ya

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