Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, July 14

dude... the weather is mighty weird.
People are raggin about it being fall. and while I get your wonderful quip and play on words... shut-up already and stop pissing off the weather gods*.

* don't start with me... believing in "weather gods" is no better or worse than believing in the idiots who report the weather on tv and the radio... let alone the people that send the dumb-ass weather info to your cell phone...

~ blazzzzer boy...
~ dark trousers, dark blue dress shirt, tie and z'blue blaize!
~ lol... I have so few excuses to wear the blazer in the summer. :D
~ big day!!! Up a little late as I didn't get to bed till like... 2:45 (I know I know... shhhh)
~ get all dressed up and head off to work, review materials, calm down managers and then hop in a cab with the Director to go see her bosses and peers from another wing of the organization and present my stuff for an hour. It went great... It usually goes great... because... not only am I great (LOL) but the stuff I'm showing them is stuff they are all hungry to see... aka: Great stuff. :D
~ zooming home.... omg... I am sooooo freaking tired. I was tired yesterday... and still managed to make it all worse by staying up too late. gah.
~ no plan for dinner. I wonder if anyone else thought about dinner? Prol'y not. Maybe 'easy dinner' time... via: thaw pork chops, pan cook 'em swimming in spiced up tomato soup and serve with veggy and rice. Very little thinking needed to get that one on the table.
~ edit: made chicken pieces rolled in corn-flake crumbs... carrots and mashed. :D
~ to let sodiumbisulfite that I won't be growing as a person any time soon... :D
~ that I could give darkbay a wee hug...
~ to congratulate mspish on her big purchase... I look forward to reading about your experiences with it...
~ :) and to smile at evangelinaarion... I hope you heal up well... :D

Today was (tonight was) a Ramp Day
Made the main cuts tonight.
Drew them out ... (6'5" transition)...

Cut them...

And smiled. :)

~ still working on "site prep" for the spot on the lawn off the end of the laneway that will be turned into the ramp pad. :D

~ still working on "site prep" for the spot on the lawn off the end of the laneway that will be turned into the ramp pad. :D
<img // Dear UNIVERSE: Please stop telling me my password will expire in how-ever-many-days. Actually... just stop making me change my freaking passwords altogether and let me get around to it when I feel like it... maybe a little reminder would be nice. But all this other crap? Stop it already. Soooooo sick of passwords. / Worse ... or Worst. Really have no clue when it comes to typing. Like "Worst case synario"? work for you? o"

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