Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, July 10

Holy sunshine!!!!
wicked nice day.

~ did the work day in black jeans (friday), a black tee and a blue summer shirt. :)
~ but the evening will be in shorts as we (family) come together to help my m&d move into their new digs. :)
~ wanted an easy friday... had a total-madness friday.
~ everything that could go wrong with things at work ... did. Fortunately ... all I do is fix things... I don't make these problems. :D
~ gym at lunch... omg... awesome totally rocking the "work myself to the bone" zone in the gym. :D I love the endorphine rush after...
~ help family with my parents move....
~ that 99catsaway doesn't drop any paperwork on the subway... and turns the office into a copy of the rainforest cafe... just for fun. :)
~ for crayolaphoenix's friend ... to come home from "the show" in good health... with four limbs and good eyes. :)
~ and that kitiara remembers that "selective memory" is a very significant feature of the penis controlling brain. :D

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to my friend, bloojanuary. May work be kind to you... your main squeeze be fresh with you... and sales people... bow down and suck your toes. :) Have a lovely birthday sugar-january. You're a wonderful friend to have found here. :D :D

Recently overheard:
"We walk through the city, through life... surrounded by people who have to pop anxiety, depression, or even aggression-management medications just to survive, not go mental or whatever.
And that's ok.
I live in the same world, have the same pressures, stresses and family issues... I smoke a joint at night... helps me relax and sleep and la la la...
and I'm a criminal?
Fuck that."
LOL... three cheers man.
I practically started clapping... but then my eavstrophishness would have been revealed. :D

To trace to fabric of your beautiful body...
Breathing the air that fills me with you,
The soft... the hard... the tender... and the scars...
I could not possibly love you more.
And all I dream about... is that you'll love me back.

Jumps from the car, pushing the trunk release...
Throws the heaviest thing in the open trunk at the drivers-side window as he drives away.
Breaking glass, screeching tires.
Run towards the stopping car...
Full kick slams the opening door against his emerging body
Wrenching the door open, he moves to jump out and attack.
Only to feel a knee cap dead centre in his chest...
Collapsing... an elbow to the back of his neck...
He sprawls beside his running, damaged car...
And as I stand there... I unzip, wiggle it out...
and pee all over him.
Oh wait... after he punched my lights out through the car window...
I didn't jump from the car, pushing the trunk release...
I just lay there... bleeding on my moms car seat.
So afraid...
And no idea I had cut him off at that intersection.
~ why do you have a heavy table leg in the trunk of your car?
(a random moment from the Corto-At-Eighteen memory bank)

~ k... time to go help people carry boxes. :D
Love... can make almost anything bearable.

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