Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, July 9

~ the day before moving day for my folks.
We spent the evening helping move stuff over... clearing out fridges, and stuff. :)

And now it's sunny. :)
Thursday... I'm NOT off work... but it is a beautiful day.
Hot even. :)

Look what we unearthed.
It's my sis's for sure...
But we HAVE GOT to get this stuff on eBay.
Total original 1960's Barbie stuff... and lots and lots of it...

~ does a beige day. :)
~ no tie... just trousers, white tee and a surgical green comfy summer top.
~ eh... got some new drama at work... and it will take the rest of the summer to sort it out.
~ but who cares... because I got to have lunch with one of my all-time-most-favorite women in the world. :) (High school best-friend, haven't seen for twenty years.)
~ for dawna to find that art, talent and the truth win in the end. :)
~ to truly wish for the best ever vacation to wrap itself around canuckgirl,
~ that caroline75 gets a little sleep...
~ and to thank zaxwrit for sharing.

A smarty pants dig at a guy, delivered without kindness, that makes a pun out of the old "size-matters" turn-of-a-phrase...
Ought not to be delivered by a fat girl, lest she receive the withering stare that pretty much means... "o'reeeeeely".

A boss's birthday ... really really nice cake.

[ :: the cake maker's web page :: ]
So listen...
~ any chance you'll click that cake link... maybe repost it and say "awesome cake girl starts new business, check her out" or something?
I'm thinking any kind of activity like that could get her up a notch on a search engine or two. She's a SIL of a co-worker...
and this could be a "use our awesome might for the forces of good" thing... :D

Just sitting and being with someone that your heart, body, mind and soul considers to be a truly precious friend...
Is a pleasure beyond measure.

K... gotta go. :)

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