Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, July 8

~ you can't tell in the pic... but a lot of the weeds are back.
Little bastards.

loads of rain...
with patches of beautiful.
so, yeah, weird day.
~ but there was some serious kick ass rain in the middle of the afternoon... (out the windows at work, but apparently, not here at home. :D) just awesome pounding rain.

I kinda, sorta selfishly, dig getting up in the house full of sleeping monkeys with summer solstice 7:00 sunshine and taking care of getting myself off to work... which includes a great big breakfast with Perry - my fav platypus - on the tube and everybody else (except the cat) sleeping away. :D

~ eased up a bit and dropped the whole tie thing.
~ but... day three with the dark trousers... which appear to be "pilling" on the top of the thigh, and - of course - nowhere else.
~ black tee, blue summer shirt. :)
~ eh... it was Wednesday. Today... blink blink gone!
~ made it to the gym at lunch... which does, btw, translate into me becoming a puddle of sweat and clingy fabric ... (and I re-animate in the shower. :D)
~ and steaks for dinner...
~ then off to my folks house to force them to let us help with the packing a little. :)
~ to point out that my day was way better than yours because I got to talk to mylifeasamomlittle-mrs-awesome on the phone...
and ~ that odyssey_road feels the respect she deserves for taking on hard choices. Sends you some lj love...

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday suburbiadaze. :) I hope the year and the job both reward you well.
And happy birthday dana7880, if you're out there... :D I hope you're having fun and that you had a grand day today.

I honestly do NOT understand why there is no big hugh and cry over the abject failure of the Chalk River Nuke Plant (Medical Isotope Land) and the fact that, the government FIRED the former director of that facility when she said the plant was not ready (back in 2007) to work without further repairs and was in danger of having a much more challenging failure if left unchecked.
Now... is "more challenging failure" time...
She was so right and she was sooooo smacked down by the government for taking the time to be right.

~ time to go... off to units. :D
see ya.

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