Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, July 7

Yeah... rain.


Last weekend was way good.
Enjoyed the time we had with our nephew hanging out...
Got the fire pit, camp fire zone, sorted out... 30' from the house... la la la... (slaps a bug...)
And got to a skate park a couple of times since the last time I posted. :)
So life is good.

~ dark... gray trousers, blue shirt, tie... all day.
~ although, it's shorts, tee and a little blankee from mexico on my lap, now. :)
~ hello Tuesday... what drama can you unleash on my clients today?
~ staying two steps ahead of my clients ... makes for painless days of work.
~ hoping to watch "The International" tonight... (Hello, Mr. Owen?... meet mz watts...)
~ that odyssey_road feels nice and smartypants with her dino-tails... :D
~ for tonya's back to not hurt... too much... tomorrow.
~ to smile at all that is wonderful about kristiseriously...
~ and that cynica manages to find Buble bedsheets... 300 thread count would be fine. :)

Birthday moments...
From several days ago... (the fourth), but never forgotten, happy birthday iamharmony. She's been a friend in lj for ages... and in the last year she has challenged herself to "go forth" into the world. She's not posting much in Lj lately... because she is [ :: HERE :: ], in Kenya... making a difference in the world. Go click that link and visit her. May the year be made of win.
and from yesterday...
Happy birthday jeremyb I hope the land of you... is a happy place. :D
To greenwavedave, a very happy birthday indeed. I hope the year ahead brings you a few worthy rewards. :)
and a quiet little shout out "Happy Birthday" to little long lost sugar... greyenigma. I'm sure you're having a blast...

Have iPhone and a shuffle.
Shuffle for skiing and skateparks.
iPhone in gym and walking around.
So I go through this goofy process of buying "in ear" ear buds that will be "low enough profile" to wear under my ski helmet.
Takes three different sets of buds (bought, tried, returned, new set) to realize that the "on ear" ear buds that came with the shuffle work great under the helmet and all the "in ear" jobs feel like pencils being RAMMED into my ear with the ear-covering-ski-helmet.
So..... I ended up with these "marshmellow" in-ear buds.
Very inexpensive... and ultimately???? they suck cock.
I started with a pair of JBL boxing day specials that were awesome fab... but not low enough profile so I stupidly returned them. sigh.
Now the ear buds that came with the iPhone (that have a microphone and a "multi function" button on the microphone) are literally wearing out.
Almost dead.
So... the marshmellows, that suck and the earbuds that are dying.
I explain all this to Futureshop sales guy.
He explains that because the new apple shuffle will have a "voice activated" feature, apple has opened up the show to the market to make compatible ear buds.
Therefore, come the fall, there will be bunch of new models with microphones, etc.
So instead of buying expensive replacements for your iphone, and a marginal set for your shuffle...
"here, lets mark these down and use these until the fall."
These JVC "in ear" buds scanned at 60+$ and he sets the price to 18$ and says "come back and get your other ones when the new product comes on-line."

This is called... "happy customer making" and dude gets full marks.
Score two points for Futureshop.
(edit: and if these were overpriced at 60 or going on sale... it hardly matters... 18$! :D)

I, as some random others, can develop a lower back ache of quite some significance
as a direct result of being constipated or, basically just really needing to release the hounds.
Going to bed soooo tired that you basically fall asleep on the sofa, and relocate to the bed in the tiny hours...
is a recipe for missing essential bed time steps... like brushing teeth... taking allergy medication, or dropping the kids off at the pool.
So after a massive crash and burn, I wake up on Saturday morning with a killer sore back.
Proving, once again, that it's possible to shit out a back ache, and get on with your day.



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